Cultivating flower bulbs in pots

The flower bulbs which blossom in the garden in spring need to be planted in the autumn. The winter cold stimulates the bulbs to put out roots and begin to sprout leaves and buds. When the weather starts getting warmer in spring the leaves and buds emerge above ground and after a few weeks the flower will be in bloom.

nm-sorteer We follow the same principle at our company, except we can plan exactly when we want the plant to bloom. We force the plants by planting the bulbs in pots in the autumn. Winter conditions are reproduced in cooling cells. In the winter the plants can be removed from the cooling cell and 'forced' in the greenhouse. The effect of the warmth in the greenhouses after months of cold conditions in the cooling cells is that the plants start to grow and bloom.

nm-bollen We plant the bulbs in pots in August and September and then put the pots in a cooling cell kept at 9° C so the plants respond as if it were winter. They put out roots and a sprout. In December we move these plants into a greenhouse kept at 17° C, so the plants respond as if it were spring. The leaves begin to grow and the flowers begin to emerge from the bulbs. This enables us to accurately control the plant's growing conditions and get them to blossom between December and April, so you can enjoy our beautiful plants throughout the winter.

Here is a short introduction video: