Oxalis is in the Oxalidaceae family Oxalis is native to South and Central America.

We sell a number of varieties of Oxalis. Oxalis deppei 'Iron Cross' is sometimes called 'Four-leaved Pink-Sorrel'. The leaves are green with a dark purple centre. This plant has pink flowers and, when planted outdoors, will blossom for a few months in the summer.

Oxalis triangularis has dark leaves and light pink flowers. Oxalis triangularis papilionacea (Oxalis regnelli) has green leaves and white flowers. Triangularis varieties prefer shady spots, where they will blossom for a few months in the summer.

All of these varieties are available from mid-May to the end of June and grow to about 30 cm high.

These Oxalis plants are available in a 17 cm pot. It is important to make sure that Oxalis gets enough water. Especially if the weather is warm and sunny, Oxalis must be watered every day. These plants will brighten your garden from mid-May to late September.

You can keep Oxalis in its pot or you can plant several of them together in a large pot, basket, or planter, or in the garden. Oxalis will quickly grow to fill the basket or planter.

Oxalis is perennial if the soil is covered to protect it from frost.