Incarvillea (tuingloxinia)

Incarvillea is in the Bignoniaceae family and is native to the Chinese province of Yunnan.

They are available in purple (Delavayi) or white (Snowtop).

The plants grow to about 30-30 cm tall.

Incarvillea is available from mid-April until early June and comes in a 17cm pot.

Incarvillea lasts longest when you put it in a sunny spot outdoors, but you should protect it against frost.

You can keep Incarvillea in its pot or you can plant several of them together in a large pot

or in the garden. In the garden, Incarvillea makes an excellent border plant. This plant is considered a perennial, but the bulbs must be well-covered in the winter to protect them against frost.

After blossoming, the seed pods appear on the stalks.