Chionodoxa (glory-of-the-snow)

Chionodoxa is in the Liliaceae family and is native to Asia Minor.

Chionodoxa is available in two different colours: blue and rose pink.

The plants grow to about 15-20 cm tall and are available from February to the end of April.

Chionodoxa lasts longest when you put it in a light, cool spot, and does best outdoors. It can survive a light frost without any problems. You can keep Chionodoxa in its pot or you can plant several of them together in a large pot or in the garden. It can be beautifully combined with other bulbous plants, such as crocuses, Muscari, or Narcissus.

Chionodoxa grows seeds easily, and in the wild these seeds germinate readily. You can expect flowers to develop from the seeds three to four years after planting.